Hello, all you lucky, healthy, free, un-banished, un-contagious.........

11:10 AM

Well, there's a Penn State game on today. I might listen to it--it all depends. It's so nice not to be sick--if you aren't, that is. I'm not sick and it's very nice. I only wish that I could see my friends and be able to be out around people. Although, Mee-mee, and Aunt Kim cam this morning--they stood outside the window. lol--and last night Mee-mee and pappy came, followed by uncle Larry and David--they all made sure to stay at least five or six feet away. It was funny. lol.
Well, I guess I'll get off. I'm sorta thirsty and I'm going to get some coke--just don't tell Annie, she'll kill me.

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  1. I accidentally deleted your comment--clumsy me. I'm always going and tripping over something or running into it. lol. Thanks for hopin' we feel better. Tell your mom thanks too. I miss you as well. Bye!


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