A Beautiful day in Meadows...

10:54 AM

Hello, everybody! It's a beautiful day out here in Meadows--as always. I almost blinded myself yesterday, though, 'cause I was looking into the pretty sunset--I know, "why would somebody ever look into the sun?"; if my cousin David were here, he'd say "a little blonde, there, huh Emily?".
I really wish that it would hurry up and be Christmas and then summer would come--summer's my favorite time of year. I can run around outside in flip-flops or bare feet and wear shorts with a tee shirt. Then of course, I can try and so belly-flops in the pool with Mark and Morgan, and after ten minutes we all walk down the deck stairs holding our stomachs. Summer's awesome! Where I live is awesome. There's no place I'd rather be than right here--not at the computer desk--but here Meadows, with all my friends, family and everything else I have.
Guess I'll get off now, even though I feel at home typing or writing. It's like my fingers are glued to the keyboard or the pencil.
Well, know I'm off to ask my mom about possibly letting my eat the rest of the KFC food we got--after all, we don't want to go to waste!

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  1. You might as well eat the rest of the KFC. After all, you are the only healthy one and you need to keep up your strength. Pappy was reading your blog and he is quite impressed with your writing. I mean, he keep going on and on about it impressed. We love you so much Emily. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks! I aim to please! :)


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