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6:46 PM

As you can see, I have a lot of time on my hands, otherwise I probably wouldn't be writing. It's oddly (very oddly) quiet here in Meadows and I'd be content to read my book I've been telling you about, but thought that I might as well write on here for a little bit--after all, if I catch the flu from Mark and Annie, I probably won't be doing anything for a while.
Well, I've started transforming Two Little Boys into a book. I'd like to think of a better name, though. But as long as I can change the dryness of the lines, I think that I should be happy--for a little while.
Tonight we'll probably watch a movie and I'll probably bring some of my writings out to work on. There's nothing much more to do, what with to kids coughing and moaning with their eyes so tired and miserable. It's very hard to explain the way their eyes are--I can't find the right words; they look up at you, sort of imploring like and you can't remove your gaze from them. It's strange.
I think that I'd like to be a movie producer (as well as writer) when I'm older. There's so many books that I can picture as movies--exactly the way that character should throw a glance, the way the should say something--it all comes in so clear. Of course, I've thought about just being a director, but would I be able to find a producer, then? That's why I think it'd be best to be a producer. But then, being an actress would be simply wonderful, too. I think all three jobs--producer, director, and actress--is what I truly want, but as if that would ever happen and all those jobs together might be too much on my plate.
Well, even though I could stay here and chat all night (as you've no doubt found out, sadly enough), I'm going to leave you. (I know that you're probably secretly glad, but, whose fault is it that you're read this? Hm?....)

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