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1:21 PM

Well, today looks like it'll be a good day. I don't know why. Maybe because it doesn't seem as rainy as the past few days. One bad thing, though, is that we are out of brown sugar and therefore we cannot have choc. chip cookies. :(( It's so depressing. A good thing though, is that I just found out one of my friends became a member of our church Sun. and I'm sooo excited.
Hopefully my brother and I will be good enough to go to our youth activity next week--Mall Madness. I think it's one of the best activity's EVER! First, we play this game where we have to go find people from our church who are hiding in the mall, and then we eat. After that, we Have another game. One year it was "million dollar shopping spree"--one of the girl teams won that. lol. Last year it was a scavenger hunt like thing--such as putting money in one of the salvation army things, try on a denim skirt (I wonder if the guys had to do that?), get a gumball from a gumball machine, and get a picture in the picture booth.--there was trouble fitting three teen girls in one booth, though, since it was only made for two people.
I wish it was summer. Then I could swim and run around outside in my bare feet( and have to wash them before setting foot in the house--family members know what I mean) and I could have an ice-cream cone and wear flip-flops(my fav. shoes EVER!--even though my dad and uncle hate them. Jackie and I always wondered why) , my swim shorts on and my hair up--ahh, those are the days--the days of summer. My favorite time of year. Autumn is my next favorite--all the colors and football games...If we could have one month of winter, and two or three of spring, three or four of fall, and the rest of the year--most of the year summer--I'd be happy.
Well, since I'm probably taking up your time, I'll get off, even though I could--as you all know--write for days(my fingers might start to hurt though).
So, farewell, farewell, parting is such sweet sorrow that I should stay and part 'till morrow.
Ya know, I don't think Juliet meant that she liked to say goodbye: I think she was just trying to stall Romeo from going. If you think that's a retarded statement, you might be right, my friend. You might be right...

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  1. Emily, you paint such a wonderful picture of summer that it makes me want summer and you know that I hate the heat. I'd like June, though - before it gets tooo hot.

    Mall madness sounds fun. When is it? Next Friday? I will pray that you can go. You should be able to go by then. If you need someone to take you, I will.


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