26 Days (I couldn't come up with any other title)

5:22 PM

Hi everybody! Yesterday, Mark, Annie and I decorated the house for Christmas while listening to Christmas music. Ah, it was so wonderful. Although--we did have one problem. We--okay, I, but no matter what Mark says, he still went along with it. We put the the middle part of the Christmas tree on first. Then, when we went to get the middle piece (which was really the bottom piece). When we took the middle (bottom) piece out of the box, we realized that it was much bigger than the bottom (middle). I just said it was our imaginations and that it was the middle piece, even though it did look huge. But, I decided that I was wrong and it was the bottom piece. Mark then said, "Next year, I'm going to be in charge." But get this: he just walked away and let me do the rest of the work. I didn't mind--I like to it "all by myself". I guess that I might just be a control freak. (But knowing me, that's sorta scary)
Today, we put up our Christmas lights. It was quite entertaining, although, as Mark said, I bet that the neighbors were laughing at us. I don't mind. I was laughing at us. Let's see. We broke one light bulb. Then two. And three. Uh, make that four. Finally, Morgan and Bethanie came over and Morgan looked over my guitar (which I love and I take care of it, and I don't want anything to happen to it). I taught myself the C, G7, and G chords. Actually, I taught myself other ones too, but I memorized C, G7, and G. It must be awfully funny to watch me. I have dents in my fingers and they really burn, but I knew that would happen and I don't really mind. It was funny how today, after finishing the first half of the front porch lights, and I came in to eat, I went to play the guitar, but my fingers were too cold to move. So, I had to warm them up first.
Oooo, Mark decorated his room and it looks prettiful! I plan on decorating my room tomorrow. I have a mini tree (about as tall as Annie) that I plan on putting in my room. My only problem is that I don't have a place to put it. Hm. Well, I'll just have to make room. I had started my 'tree survey' before Thanksgiving, so I'll just have to remember where I thought of putting it.
Guess what! Only 26 and a half days until Christmas! Woo-Hoo!
Well, my dad is waiting to get on, so I'll get off.
Happy 26 days 'till Christmas!

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  1. You memorized three chords already!??? Oh boy, the guitar was just not my instrument I guess! I'm glad you like it and are enjoying it.

  2. Yea. Morgan looked over the guitar. She said it looks pretty good. Got to go. Bye!

  3. Awesome!! That is so cool that you are taking up guitar! It is a blast to play. I wish I would have started learning chords sooner. I play by ear, so I like to pick the notes out instead of chording them. But now I am learning chords too. I know E, G, A, D, and a couple others. Oh and those things that form on your fingers (i am not even going to try and spell the name)they get worse. haha


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