"Osama (yo mama)" is a must see!

7:34 PM

My whole family is getting ready for camping, but I'd be content just to work on my blog (it counts as school, too, so I'm actually killing two birds with one stone.)
I'm planning on watching a movie and writing a little bit tonight, so I'm only going to say one thing, and that's this: even though youtube can be really dangerous, I am going to recommend that you visit http://www.youtube.com/ and look up Ray Stevens. He's got a lot of funny songs, but one that is a must see is "Osama (yo mama)". I think that you'll like it. "The new battle of New Orleans" is funny, too. This is a funny guy, and--thinking that you have a good sense of humor--I think that you'll like it. If you don't, then you'll know one of two things: You have a bad sense of humor, or I have a bad sense of humor--I hope it's you! :).

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  1. Yay - I have a good sense of humor because I find him funny! What are some of your expectations of the upcoming weekend? What do you think you will do at Hammond? You should describe Hammond to those people who have never been there....try to be descriptive and really "show" it to the reader. Just a suggestion from your English Teacher Aunt!

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