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11:42 AM

I'd like to thank everyone for doing the poll. Spending Christmas with family won--although someone did say they would rather have a cell phone with limitless calls (they claim that they'd still like their family).
I've been thinking about my play, "Two Little Boys" lately and now realize that it isn't the Shakespeare-like wonder I thought it was--it's flat. It has no life to it. The characters are just speaking words that seem to have no meaning. So, I decided to make some (major) alterations.
I plan to make the storyline more exciting and try to make the characters more life like, instead of puppets--puppets that aren't very exciting. Why or how I ever thought that the play was good I'll never know. I think that this happens to every writer though--when they're still amateurs, like me. They write something and think that it's the best thing they've ever written and ever will write. Then, a while after, they read through it, think it over, and then realize that it's not good at all. But whatever you do, don't give up. You can always "rebuild" your book and try to make it the dream that you thought it was.
I've been thinking of whether or not to keep "Two Little Boys" a play, though. Maybe I should turn it into a book and then sometime, if it so suites me, and can take the book and then reshape the play, based on the book, which was originally based on the play (did I lose anyone there? I lost myself. I think I better read that again so I can follow me) :)
Well, I better get going. My stomach's telling me to eat, and I don't want to disobey it.

I've GOT to tell you about a book that I just read--it's really good!

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  1. Em, you are right - it happens ALL the time to writers. It's always a good idea to put something away for a little bit and then revisit it - you see different things and have a new perspective.


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