Goin' Campin'!

8:16 PM

This weekend is going to be sooo fun! I'm camping with my family. We couldn't get my cousin Jacob to come, but we should still be able to have some fun with some friends that are coming up Sat. But something that is going to put a wet towel on the weekend is my bike. The chain clicks, and the brakes--wait a second--I forgot, there practically are no brakes. What brakes I do have squeak and are so annoying--I'm almost sure everyone in the campground is saying "what is that pitiful screeching sound?". Really, I can't bare it.
(I guess that I should be thankful, though. At least I have a bike.)
Then of course there's the food! Oh, the wonderful food! Cookies, cakes, pies, things that you eat none stop and give you stomach aches, but you don't care--left and right! It's heavenly, it really is.
And I can't forget capture the flag. That's the only thing that us kids do, really. Every now and then we'll take a rest and play a game. Maybe we'll go to the creek--my favorite spot--once; we don't usually go there in the fall, though. If you would fall in accidentally, (or some one helps you fall in) you'd freeze to death.
Then, one of the main things that I've been looking forward too, is Londan. My first-cousin-once-removed. Cousin, for short. Jackie and Jim bought a camper so they'll be there all weekend. I'm so excited! Maybe I'll get to hold the adorable little Londan, who is the attention grabber of the family--one of the only things that we talk about.
Dutch Blitz--I can't put that in the game category because it's a tradition. I play it with my cousins and aunts. It's so fun!--maybe even the part where we have to wait on someone to set their cards up. I won't tell who, though.
Of course, there's sooo much more to write about but I want to go read. And I have to get a shower. But I must make time to just say this: The view up there, is one of the most beautiful, picturesque views on earth--in the fall, at least. All those golds, and oranges, and reds, and purples. It's so beautiful that it hurts; words can't describe it; I might as well stop there.
Well, now that I've exhausted myself and bored you to death, I'm going to go get my shower. See ya when I get back from camping with pictures to show and--my favorite part--stories to tell.

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  1. Why doesn't your dad fix your bike?

    Please make sure you get me when you play Dutch Blitz. Lately, I've missed out on playing. I have my own set of cards so more people can play too. I'm bringing them.

    Thank you for describing Hammond. It was fun to read about it!

  2. haha! Emily you're hilarious! Jacob just walked in, he says hi. He also said to remember that he's weird, haha. can't wait to show you the piano part to that song!!!

  3. LOL Tell Jacob not to worry-I definitely won't forget that he's weird! LOL


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