My (somewhat busy) Schedule

8:33 PM

I know that I haven't posted in a while, but people--such as siblings-- need to understand that I've got a busy schedule. My normal--do I even dare calling my life normal?-- weekday goes like this: I wake up, eat, brush teeth, get dressed, and do my devotions. Then I hurry out to the dining room for school to do math. Once I'm finished with that, I do my Latin and Greek. Then I get to escape to room and read--it's a good thing that I like to, 'cause I do a lot of it!
After reading, I get to take a little break to work or do whatever I want, and then before I know it, it's lunch. During lunch, we read history, with A LOT of discussion and interruption--I won't say who does that--and then we read our read-aloud. After read aloud, we're pretty much done, except for science and German. Then I get to take a break:) Hopefully I'll be able to blog more, though--I'll make time!

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